WriteGoSkate Fundraiser!

We just launched our 1st Annual ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ Fundraiser:

WRITE GO SKATE: A fundraiser to turn broken skateboards into skateparks.

We teamed up with Bryce Kanights, Silas Baxter-Neal, and Reese Kahn and gave them one task: Write “Go Skate.”

In our wood shop, we turned these handwritten words into mosaic-style art pieces made from broken skateboards. The three individual pieces will be signed by the skateboarders and auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going towards building Portland’s Powell Blvd Skatepark!

The auction is set to launch today, Monday, June 17th and will run through Sunday June 23rd 11:45 EST.







“There’s something about seeing a person’s handwriting that seems to share a glimpse into their soul. What could be more inspiring than seeing pieces of skated boards making up the handwritten phrase “Go Skate” by such inspiring skateboarders,” says MapleXO’s owner Lindsay Jo Holmes.

Both Kanights and Baxter-Neal are well known in the skateboard community for their past and present influences in skateboarding. To tie in the future of skateboarding, MapleXO asked 6-year-old skateboarder Reese Kahn to participate:

“Reese’s pure and eager passion to be a kid and have fun is one of the most inspiring parts of skateboarding to me. His dad Billy posted a priceless instagram photo of Reese carving a bank ramp with a look of pure joy on his face. The caption read: ‘When going higher is the new trick.’ To me, that right there is skateboarding. Pure and simple,” explains Holmes.

In addition to the Go Skate art auction, we are selling 25 limited edition photographic prints of the project by Jake Richardson each signed by all three contributing skateboarders. 

25 Limited Edition 16" x 20" giclee prints on archival paper.

Separately from the WriteGoSkate project, we will be donating 50% of all proceeds from on Go Skateboarding day to the Powell Blvd. Skatepark fund.

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MapleXO is a recycled skateboard jewelry & accessories company made up of skateboarders out of Portland, OR USA. Founded by Lindsay Jo Holmes in 2006, MapleXO is currently sold in over 50 stores worldwide. In 2010, MapleXO began working with PS Stix skateboard manufacture to recycle the industrial waste of skateboard manufacturing in addition to the post consumer waste. They are constantly adding to their line of products that now include house wares and furniture. @MapleXO ­




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SkateBacks Material

We went to the PS Stix factory to get hands on with our project of recycling the industrial waste of skateboard manufacturing. 
Paul Schmitt breaks it down for us in this video clip... 

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SkateBack for your iPhone!

The wait is OVER!!

It's finally time to announce our exciting collaboration with our friends at Grove! 

We made a SkateBack for your iPhone 4 and 4S from recycled industrial skateboard waste!!

Each week, one skateboard factory produces enough waste material to fill a city bus. By teaming up with Grove, we’re using this material to create a 100% post-industrial material product for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

At approximately 1/16 of an inch thick, SkateBacks protect the iPhone from damage while coupling the sleek Apple design with classic skateboard aesthetic. Unique is an understatement. Our SkateBacks are made at Grove’s workshop here in Portland, OR, with a combination of high-tech machinery and good old-fashioned handiwork. Three general color types are available to choose from: Calm, Neutral, or Vibrant. However, each SkateBack is as singular as a snowflake - no two are exactly alike! 

Material Sourcing

The SkateBack evolution works like this: from raw skateboard waste at the PS Stix factory, to eye-catching ply with us at MapleXO, and finally to cell phone accessory at Grove. PS Stix owner Paul Schmitt, of Costa Mesa, CA, has been manufacturing skateboards for nearly three decades. His company makes more than 4,000 skateboards a day, 200 per hour, that’s more than three per minute. We've been working with Schmitt on recycling his waste for years. 

Working with Grove to make these SkateBacks has been a great way to jumpstart our next big projects in the works with recycling industrial skateboard waste. This is really just the beginning! -Lindsay Jo 

Only $49... get yours now! Get all three while you're at it! 

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He's at it again!

Andy's, of, been in the MapleXO woodshop all week (literally... like, he doesn't sleep!) working on a stop motion video with MapleXO pieces!

I can't wait to see the whole thing... here's a little sneak peek!

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MapleXO + YoBeat Money Clip!

Another collab kicks off today here in Portland, Oregon with MapleXO and YoBeat!

We teamed up with YoBeat (The largest independent snowboard site!) and made these über rad money clips from recycled skateboards. 

They look cool, feel nice to hold, keep your money organized, they're recycled, andddd they're made from the hard-working hands of not just one but TWO of Portland's small businesses. 

ONLY 50 available! Hurry and get them today at:

(**hundos not included)

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