MapleXO is a Portland based jewelry and accessories studio focused on recycling broken skateboards into new products that continue to share the joy and experience that the boards were originally built to provide.

Every piece from MapleXO is one of a kind and lovingly hand-built by a small group of friends. With the belief that hard-work carries through into the things we build, our jewelry and craftsmanship continue to contribute to the spirit of skateboarding itself.

We Are Skateboarders

Filled with many of the world's most iconic skateparks, we are lucky to call the Pacific Northwest home. Even during our months of grey skies and rain, there is no better way to pass the time than sessioning a curb in the parking garage down the street, or shredding under a bridge at a local DIY.

We Make Jewelry

Skateboarding itself is pure creativity. With just a board, the world in front of you transforms into a canvas of self-expression that rewards an artistic eye and a tenacious work ethic. It’s with this same mentality that we approach our jewelry, refining old favorites, learning new mediums, and always looking to string together a beautiful line.

Recycled Skateboards

Fueled by our passion to give back to skateboarding by reducing its carbon footprint, we have been recycling skateboards into jewelry and accessories for over 15 years! Having pioneered a niche industry turning would-be waste into brand new products, our mission has saved thousands of skateboards from landfills with each piece telling its own unique story.

With Friends

We believe in hard work, quality over quantity, and good people. Whenever you see our heart logo, know that it represents real deal hand-made products created by people that probably share the same values as you. After all, that’s what brought you here, right?


From the rain-soaked Northwest to the Anza Borrego Desert, our travels and the people we've met along the way make lasting marks on us. A world away, a skateboard tells a similar story with each scratch, chip, and graphic echoing the experience of its rider. As a broken deck is transformed into brand new wears in our workshop, keepsakes are created that can carry on and share these stories forever.