As the economy has been shifting 
and manufacturing has been globalized and streamlined 
to the point where many products seem to have no soul, 
people (YOU) now crave, more than ever
for a CONNECTION to the things they buy.

We like to believe that when people buy our pieces, they're buying more than just jewelry or accessories. They're buying part of a story that they become a part of. They're buying a symbol of empowerment, and a piece of a circle that connects us all.

Since we started MapleXO, we've been telling the story of our Recycled Skateboard Jewelry every way we could: Through our website, trade shows, press releases, social media, face to face, printed postcards and so on. HOWEVER once our pieces left our woodshop, we felt like much of this story was lost. The people who buy, wear, and sell our jewelry deserved to know more...

With the brainstorming power of some MapleXO friends (Shaun, Amity, Brent, and more) we created new tags that give us the chance to share the otherwise untold story of every piece of jewelry we make.

BOARD: There's so much that goes into designing a skateboard, from the graphics, and shape, to the wood colors and concave. We owe it to the skateboard companies and our customers to let you know which skateboard your piece came from.

ORIGIN: Skate shops, friends, supporters, skateboarders, and skateboard companies from all over the world save us and send us boards to recycle. Now you'll know where your piece's board came from, and which city's streets it rolled through.

FINISHED BY: At the MapleXO Headquarters, your piece of jewelry is created by the hands and hearts of amazing people. We have high standards of perfection in our products and take a lot of personal pride in each piece we create. The last person to finish each piece now signs every card so you'll know who's hands, heart, and mind finished your piece of MapleXO.

Be a part of the story. Get yours at or any local shop that sells MapleXO.

Tags designed by: Amity K Skelton

Live. Love. Wear. Skateboarding... MapleXO   -Recycled Skateboard Jewelry (and accessories)-

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The Tucker Ring

A collaboration that solely exists because of skateboarding, creativity, and friendship. With just a tiny piece of a skateboard shaped by us at MapleXO, Tucker Glasow created this one of a kind work of art. 

A one of a kind ring made by the mind and hands of a talented jeweler, skateboarder, and friend.

We met Tucker Glasow through our project manager, Brent. We quickly learned that Tucker is an incredibly talented human. He skates, films, and makes amazing jewelry with precious stones and metals. Check out to see examples of his work. (Amy is Tucker's rad lady who he's been making jewelry with for the past 11 years!)

1 of 1.            Size 6.           Sterling silver

Get it here: The Tucker Ring 

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