Collaborations are one of my favorite concepts in the world of business and art. A good friend of mine who taught me everything I know about woodworking, Paul Sykes, owns his own company making wooden bicycle fenders. Sykes Wood Fenders definitely sets the mark with the highest quality wooden fenders on the market, no doubt. They're legit!

Being a part-time-bike commuter myself and a fascinated by the bike community as a whole, I really wanted to create a piece that could cross into that culture. I twisted Paul's rubber arm, and got him to team up with me to create these amazing Recycled Skateboard Bicycle Fenders. 

Even having my hand in every part of the process of making these fenders, I still look at them and think, "how in the world did we do that!?"And since I'm guessing you're thinking along those same lines, check out the photos below to see all the steps.

First we started with a pile of broken skateboards

We cut, sanded, glued, planed, jointed, and sliced until we had these incredible looking skateboard veneers. I guess they're really skateboard veneer-vereers if you think about it! (Did I lose ya there?)


Once we had the veneers cut to size, we layered them with epoxy and a couple reinforcing layers of recycled maple veneers for strength.

Next we put the epoxy coated veneers into one of Paul's molds and clamped it tight to set over night (this is how the fenders get their shape!)

24 hours later, I got to come in to unclamp and unveil the beauty of the skateboard bike fenders! The colors just popped right out!

Paul did some trimming on the table saw, while I annoyed him with my over-excited giggles from across the table.

Then I sanded them smooth, giving them a consistent soft surface.


Paul gave them a flawless clear coat that really brought out those colors

I did some light buffing and polishing to get them perfect

We attached the stainless steal rivets

Then we put the mounting hardware into place

And the fenders we finished!

The first of set of Recycled Skateboard Bicycle Fenders by MapleXO and Sykes Wood Fenders!