Breanne and Nollie

MapleXO's girlfriend rings have been purchased for many fun occasions; birthday gifts, anniversary presents, Christmas gifts, and so on... but I was really excited when Breanne Kwatera emailed me wanting to get a ring to celebrate making it through 2 years of motherhood. I don't know why it seemed so special to me, but after emailing back and forth with this lovely lady and learning about how rad her little family was... I just had to share:

So basically, Breanne is this hot mom from Minnesota. Her boyfriend is this awesome skateboarder named Derek and their sweet little daughter, appropriately named Nollie, is just the cutest darn thing you've ever seen!

 (see, I told you so...)

Their family is really driven and inspired by skateboarding and I just love sharing that connection with people across the country. 

Watch out world... this little family has big plans... can't wait to see where their dreams take them!

Hope you love your ring, Breanne...


and thanks for inspiring my newest product: the BFF Bangle Set

::These 2 bangles were made from the same skateboard. I gave one to Breanne, and kept one for myself. BFF status, for sure!::