MapleXO Launches The Continuum Collection and a Tattoo Machine Collab!

“MapleXO launches the Continuum Collection & Tattoo Machine collab with Seth Ciferri”

Portland, OR – April 17th, 2015 The skateboard recycling company MapleXO launches a new line of jewelry and accessories, with a jaw dropping collaboration in tow.

With 10 new products including a wall-mounting planter, magnetic knife strip, and giant hoops, the collection brings fresh refined edge to their brand as a whole.


“We’ve been recycling skateboards now for 9 years. While skateboarding seems to hurt a bit more as the years pass by, I gotta say that it’s rad to see what those years have done to refine our woodworking and design skills for MapleXO,” says Lindsay Holmes, owner of MapleXO.


In step with introducing this new collection, MapleXO announces the launch of their tattoo machine collaboration with world-renowned tattoo machine builder Seth Ciferri.

Holmes explains her side of the collaboration:

"We’re stoked to collaborate with Seth. He’s a good friend, our shop mate, and a skateboarder. He has a history and expertise in the tattoo machine industry that runs deep. He’s also an overly eager perfectionist who drives me crazy at times, but once these machines started to take form, I knew we were onto making something incredible. To say I’m proud to have a hand in these machines would be an understatement.”

Each machine features a custom iron frame, a skateboard wood skin, and a handmade, numbered wooden box. The electromagnetic coil sets that power each machine are constructed with iron cores, handmade skate wood washers, and are hand wrapped with the nostalgic pages of vintage Thrasher Skateboard Magazines to complete the skateboard theme.



*** These 20 limited edition tattoo machines at $720 a pop sold out within just a few hours of being launched last night. ***


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MapleXO is a recycled skateboard jewelry & accessories company made up of skateboarders out of Portland, OR USA. Founded by Lindsay Jo Holmes in 2006, MapleXO is currently sold in over 50 stores worldwide. In 2010, MapleXO began working with PS Stix skateboard manufacture to recycle the industrial waste of skateboard manufacturing in addition to the post consumer waste and is constantly adding to its line of products which now include housewares and furniture.