Labor of LOVE

We've been working into the night to finish up our latest batch of MapleXO Jewels. Christi Yingling came down to the woodshop to snap a few shots of the work in progress...

Peeling back the griptape from every board is a monotonous task. Fingernail polish rarely survives and rough and battered hands are usually the end result. But how can we complain... it's like digging up that buried treasure. What lies beneath the grip is the reason we do what we do.

No matter how many power tools we use to help with production, every single piece of MapleXO jewelry is handheld and created through every step.

After all the drilling and shaping of our pieces, we spend countless hours touching up every item with a thorough hand-sanding to make sure they're all perfect.


And when all the sawdust settles... MapleXO Recycled Skateboard Accessories make their way to the stores and wardrobes of all our favorite people around the world. 

Thanks for helping us save landfill space in style by wearing MapleXO


Lindsay Jo

Live. Love. Wear. Skateboarding... MapleXO