HANG-UP'S: Bucky Miller

HANG-UP'S // At the MapleXO HQ's, we cut up tons of boards every week. This uniqueness of each used board shows how skateboarding is a completely individualistic and creative activity. Because of it's individualistic nature, skateboarding attracts some of the most creative and eccentric minds. These minds are breeding grounds for nervous habits, quirks, and hangups that affect every aspect of their skating. No one that skateboards can comfortably ride any board set up in any way. They have to make it their own before they can actually skate it. Everything from the size of their board, the color of their shoelaces, the number of mounting hardware they use, the color of the top ply on their board, to things as simple as how loose their trucks are affect how each skateboarder feels about the board under their feet. At MapleXO, we love to embrace individuality and so we've been asking skateboarders to reveal all their quirks, habits, and hang-ups when it comes to how they like to skate their board. Take a look // 

Name: Bucky Timothy Miller

Age: 23 

From: Phoenix, Arizona

Usually Skate: These days I usually skate The Wedge. There are secret plans for a mini ramp that might be put into action soon.

On Skateboarding: "Skateboarding is mindless fun, which is pretty much a necessity."

The HangUps: 

1. The time I spend on my griptape depends on how bored I am at work. The fewer customers we have, the more elaborate my grip. The same goes for stickers on the bottom.

2. I don’t use washers with my bushings. I think they are dumb.

3. I made a vow to myself to not buy any hardgoods in 2010. Working in a skateshop where people are notorious for disposing of things prematurely has made it a pretty easy goal to achieve.

Photo: Brad Westcott