SHOP SPOT: Woodward

Inspired by Tim Ward, MapleXO will now be posting blogs that spotlight our favorite shops and people through photos and interviews.And so it begins...

Woodward West is a kids Skateboard/BMX and gymnastics camp in Southern California. Since we first started MapleXO, the Woodward West Skate Shop has been our biggest contributor of broken and thrashed boards. Kerri Reichard is one of Woodward West's coolest employees and one of MapleXO's favorite skateboarders. Here's the Woodward/ Kerri Reichard interview:

Shop Name: Woodward West

City, State: Tehachapi, CA

Cool fact about the city: Tehachapi means good water and nuts

How Long in Business: 8 years

Favorite Brands you carry: MapleXO, IPath, Krooked

What’s the message you wish to spread through your store: Consume responsibly and express yourself!

Owners/ Employee(s)

Names: Kerri Reichard

Interesting fact: Just filmed a pilot for a TV show about girls skateboarding

Alter Ego: Lady Gaga

5 good bands: Devil Makes 3, Lady Gaga, Flaming Lips...

5 good books: Cat in the Hat, Thrasher, Lindsay’s Diary...

What is your prized possession: My Car, and skateboard 

What’s the worst: Karma, Cheating and Stealing

What’s the best: Karma, Traveling and meeting new people

Skateboarding to you… three words: Exciting, Everyday, Traveling