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Making skateboard jewelry is the best thing I could ever imagine doing for work. But, when I come across a board like I did last night, I almost wish that instead of making skateboard jewelry, I could just collect all the skateboards in the world and photograph the grip. It really blows my mind to see the things kids write and draw on their grip. Self expression in it's purest form. There's always the typical stuff like: "<---Nose, Tail--->" , "Sk8 or Die", "Kick Flip Spot" , "Land or Slam" And then the rated R things that I probably shouldn't mention in this blog. But my favorite are the ones like this board from last night...

"Don't sweat the petty, Pet the sweaty"

I will admit that after reading that, I was instantly covered in saw dust from rolling on my shop floor in laughter and amazement.
That's it... I'm gonna make a book! My collection of the most witty, funny, and obscure things I find written across the grip tape of these boards I get from all over the US. Thank you skateboarder kids, for blowing my mind... and keeping me smiling while I'm drilling through your boards.

Lindsay Jo from MapleXO (sk8 or die!)

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