Munich X-Games 2013

Well, it appears that the Munich X-Games have gone off without a hitch. Chris Cole completely killed the Street. It's been great to see the X-Games offer skateboarders a park that isn't filled with BMX kickers and useless triple kink rails made for those of the in-line persuasion. Pedro Barros has continued commanding deserved attention. Dude goes for it, bottom line. The Pacific-Northwest's own David Gravette took silver in Real Street, behind the man himself, Guy Mariano. It was pretty funny watching Guy receive a medal on a massive ramp. Never thought we'd see the day. Watch their take on it HERE.


There is such an amazing array of interesting and talented people in the world of skateboarding. The bond we all share is unique and our love for skateboarding is something that only a skateboarder can truly understand. From landing that first kickflip, to mindlessly popping in and out of curb cuts, it's simply one of the purest forms of fun. MapleXO never stops being excited about giving back to and being a part of skateboarding. Thanks for allowing us to continue doing that!