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With a new year comes new changes and new opportunities. Although change can be a hard thing to go through (yes, heartbreaking at times) I keep trying to remind myself that it's all part of this bigger road to becoming. 
Becoming wiser
Becoming stronger
Becoming more confidant
More understanding
More patient
More aware
More grateful
More sincere
More forgiving
A better daughter
A better son
A better mother
A better father
A better friend
A better listener
A dreamer
A leader
A learner 
A believer....
And most importantly becoming who you are.
A tangent, I know... 

Bottom line:

Whether this year brings new change in your personal life, business life, in the world, or in your heart... Stay Focused, Stay Positive, and Keep BELIEVING!

Change can bring rad things into this world... check out the change that's happened with MapleXO in the past 5 years... humbling to say the least:

We love you. Happy New Year and thanks for the continued support. 
Many more exciting things happening with MapleXO this year. 
Check back soon to see what's next!


Lindsay Jo