Radish Underground!

It's becoming more and more rare to mention Radish Underground to Portland peep's with out them knowing and bragging about how amazing of a boutique it is. Forget about it being one of Portland's best kept secrets, Radish Underground has become a flagship of fashion and trendsetting in this town and soon, they might just take over the fashion world! It's no surprise how this store turned out so awesome once you meet the gals behind the curtain. Owners, Gina and Celeste have to be two of the most down to earth, and inspired people I know (not to mention, both of them are total babes)! I'm so proud to sell MapleXO products in this shop and soon we will offer limited Radish Edition pieces available at Radish Underground ONLY!

About The Shop

Shop Name: Radish Underground

City, State: Portland, OR

Cool fact about the city: Voted city with the best drivers (drivers in other cities must be horrible!)

How Long in Business: 2 years

Favorite Brands you carry: MapleXO doi. and Varnish Clothing and Preloved

What’s the message you wish to spread through your store: "Artists and craftspeople, we love you and are here to help.  Customers, we want to you feel a connection to where the things you consume come from.  We want you to know all about the darling and creative men and women who make all these beautiful things." 

Owners/ Employee(s)

Names: Celestial Sipes and Gina Morris

Interesting fact: We've been friends since we were tweens and we always talked about how we would grow up, live in the same city, and own a business together.

Alter Ego: backup dancers 

5 good bands: Weinland (some of our BFFs from home), Sera Cahoone, Dolly (Parton obviously!), Bon Iver, The Swell Season

5 good books: Hitchhiker's Guide, Skinny Legs and All, Dolly Parton's Biography (that's not actually a very good book, but we both love Dolly),  Akkk I have a million and Gina has a million, but very few crossover -it's like the only thing we argue about. 

What is your prized possession: Radish (is that a total copout?) 2nd place: Gina's audition number (framed) from when I made her audition for So You Think You Can Dance -she might argue this point, but it's rad and I'm writing this.  

What’s the worst: Doing something lame (when you totally know better) and then feeling all shameful.

What’s the best: Having friends who completely love and support each other for decades. 

Skateboarding to you… three words: A Broken Tailbone


MapleXO <3's you Radish! Keep up the good work! xoxo