So... even though I've made thousands of pieces of jewelry from old boards, there's just something about each skateboard that sticks in my head. Sometimes when I sell or give a piece of jewelry to someone, I catch myself telling them all about that piece's skateboard graphic, the company who made the board, the skateboarder who's pro-model it is... and so on and so on... until I realize, oh... this person doesn't really know anything about skateboarding... or care! haha. I guess I just spend so much time with each board in my hand that the details of the graphics really stick in my head. I think I get a little too attached! 

All that being said... I thought I'd extend this fun game of, "Guess Which Board this is From" to those of you who might enjoy it as much as I do.

First person to email, twitter, or facebook ( or @MapleXO) with the correct answer wins a 1 free item off the MapleXO website. (excluding rings).

Guess these things-

Skateboard Brand:

Who's Promodel:

Any additional fun facts about the boards you'd like to add (this is for a tie-breaker):

Good Luck! And have fun...


Lindsay Jo