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Street Planter

MapleXO's new 'Street Planters,' are made from recycled skateboard wheels! Each planter features a golden base and brass legs. A recycled skateboard piece loosely covers the bottom hole to let water drain as your plant grows.  
Recycling the skateboard wheels has always been important to us. Made from polyurethane, these babies don't just disappear once they end up in a landfill... they'll remain there in that form for thousands of years to come. Help us reduce the carbon footprint of skateboarding by being the proud owner of a MapleXO Street Planter! 
Size and color will vary. Approximately 2" wide x 1.25" tall. Feel free to request large or small, and white or colorful in the comments section of your order!
Assorted Size
Assorted Size with Plant (Domestic Only)