Alkali Earrings

The Story

Be bold, powerful, and brave, ladies. Wear these Alkali Earrings and channel your inner Kitty O'Neal:

"On December 6, 1976, the professional stuntwoman Kitty O’Neil set the land-speed record for female drivers on the Alkali Flats of the Alvord Desert in southeastern Oregon. The record hovered around 400 mph; O’Neil’s two-way average speed was 512.710 mph. Observers reported that O’Neil’s car actually reached a top speed of more than 618 miles per hour on her first pass, but she ran out of fuel and had to coast to the end of the course.

O’Neil’s bravery was wide-ranging: She was born deaf; became a champion three-meter and platform diver whose Olympic aspirations were dashed by a bout of spinal meningitis that doctors said would permanently paralyze her; and survived two grueling sets of cancer treatment, all before her 28th birthday."

Cheers to you, Kitty. 


Recycled Skateboards
Sterling Silver

2.75" diamerter, .25" thick, .75" sterling post