Your Heart is My Heart is Your Heart Pins

The Story

We are each other. We live and breathe in this world together. Our hearts are vulnerable by the way we are all connected as humans. Although it is impossible to know the depths of what a person might be struggling with, you have an opportunity to make a difference by simply being kind. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, let's be part of a culture shift of positive change.

In efforts to help spread some kindness through our world of recycling skateboards, we created the "Your Heart is My Heart is Your Heart" pins. Two broken skateboard pieces that come together to make a complete heart. One half for you, and the other for a person who could use some love. Can't we all?

To help spread kindness even further, $10 from every pin set we sell will be donated to support Mental Health & Drug Addiction awareness programs.

Order this "Your Heart is My Heart is Your Heart" pin and choose one of the following!

  • Provide a second address in the special instructions field of your order and we'll gladly ship one half to you, and the other half to them!
  • -or- choose R.A.K. in the pull down menu for the second half to be shipped as a random act of kindness to a stranger on our list.
  • -or- choose to have both pieces of the set shipped straight to you
Can't buy a pin but know someone who could use the kindness (yourself included), email their name and address to and we will put them on our R.A.K. List to receive one!
Thank you for helping us turn skateboards into kindness.