New Limited Edition housewares launching soon! New Limited Edition housewares launching soon!


2020 has been a tough year on all of us. So many unknowns, struggles, and questions about what our future will look like. There is one thing we have complete control of right now: Whether we choose to make an informed vote. This is our key we hold to the future. Voting at elections, voting with our dollar, and even voting by the simple things we choose to share through social media. This is powerful and these choices we make have the potential to change the world! Vote for things that will end racism, promote love, and encourage our youth to DREAM BIG!
We were inspired to make these pins to simply promote this important message, to keep our skateboard recycling wheels turning, and to raise money for a cause that's much bigger than us!
All MapleXO orders of $30 or more on our site will receive a free VOTE pin from now till November 3rd. Pins are also available to-order on our site at $15 each. We will be donating 10% of sales from these pins to the ACLU.
Thank YOU for making the choice to support MapleXO in these trying times.
VOTE with your ballot, VOTE with your dollar, and VOTE with what you share.
We love you!