Ease the HURT on KURT

The Story
Update: In a tragic turn of events, Kurt suffered another stroke and suddenly passed away on Sunday. We are left heartbroken and at a loss for words. We also realize that now more than ever, his family needs our support. We will be continuing the sale of these pins to raise money for his wife and children. Thank you for helping us to help them.
Rest easy, ripper. We love you Kurt.
Long time MapleXO supporter and good friend Kurt Hayashi recently suffered a stroke. The good news is that recovery is already in full swing and Kurt is getting better every day. The bad news is that the hospital bills are through the roof and the road to recovery will still be a long, expensive process. Our goal is to help ease that a bit.
Kurt is well known in Portland and beyond for being the dude that is always down to hook it up. When we started the convo about making these pins, it took no time at all for the community to come together to make them happen. Huge thanks to Dom from @KUNGFUTOAST for drawing up the graphic, and for the concept inspiration from Cody & Kenzie. 
All proceeds from these 'Ease the HURT on KURT' pins will be donated directly to the Hayashi Family. 
We appreciate you guys helping us to help Kurt.