The Haight Ring
The Story

MapleXO's Haight Ring is handcrafted from the scraps of skateboard manufacturing. Reminiscent of San Francisco's often colorful, old Victorian row-houses, the ring is comprised of three layers of striped skateboard wood, with a sterling silver inlay atop to add to its elegance.  Available in Size 5-12. Please specify in the Special Instructions field of your checkout process! The Story Behind the Ring: Our trip to San Francisco began with a burglary, a roof chase with the cops, a broken leg (not one of ours) and a sleepless night of defeat. This chaotic chain of events lead us to an incredible home on Haight Street, with even more incredible people. You found it! Hidden code: MXOSECRET50 The Haight Ring embodies the moment we found the silver lining in the chaos as we walked up the house-layered street of Haight. (Thanks Ryan and Brooke!)